Nash Kaminski

18033 Bettenhausen Dr.
Tinley Park, IL 60487
Home: (708) 342-1592
Cell: (708) 224-1483


  • Illinois Institute of Technology

    M.S. in Computer Engineering with specialization in hardware design, 4.0/4.0; 2015 — 2017

    B.S. in Computer Engineering, cum laude; 2012 — 2017

  • Victor J. Andrew High School



Student Assistant and Network Engineer,
Illinois Institute of Technology Idea Shop

Chicago, IL — Spring 2015 - Present


  • Assisted students with the proper use of shop tools and equipment.
  • Provided advice with the application of rapid prototyping techniques, particularly in the areas of electronics and software development.
  • Assumed responsibility over existing network infrastructure.
  • Continued the development of the website and other course management applications to eliminate bugs and improve user experience.
  • Detected, responded to and recovered from a serious security compromise of a previously unmaintained system.
  • Expanded network infrastructure to add limited redundancy to improve availability and data protection.

Embedded Systems Engineer,
Trunav LLC.

Tinley Park, IL — Fall 2015 - Present


  • Contributed to the development and debugging of ultra high precision assisted GPS navigation software.
  • Developed device drivers to allow for communication between an embedded Linux platform and a local GPS receiver.
  • Setup and maintained all Linux based development and build systems.

Summer Analyst,
Goldman Sachs & Co.

New York, NY — Summer of 2015


  • Worked within the Technology Risk unit.
  • Developed a series of applications leveraging multiple “big data” utilities such as Apache Hadoop, Hive and Pig.
  • Developed a custom monitoring system for a Hadoop cluster to generate alerts if specific availability, security, or overall system health conditions occur, as well as producing daily reports.
  • Located and reported additional information security vulnerabilities.

Summer Analyst,
Goldman Sachs & Co.

Jersey City, NJ — Summer of 2014


  • Worked as part of the Core Platform Engineering unit within the technology division.
  • Explored the use of an open source distributed file store to increase disk space utilization.
  • Developed and maintained all necessary testing, monitoring and deployment utilities for the system.
  • Developed and maintained a Linux kernel patch to improve the user experience on Linux desktop clients.
  • Located and reported several critical information security vulnerabilities.

Experience cont.

Research Assistant,
Illinois Institute of Technology

Chicago, IL — Summer of 2013


  • Worked as part of a team to develop software to model the effects of disturbances on the electrical power grid.
  • Implemented and tested several dynamic models in C utilizing the PETSc scientific computing libraries.
  • Cooperatively developed several Python scripts to assist in the testing of models and analysis of output data.
  • All development was performed under Linux and Mac OS X.

Freelance Consultant,

Chicago, IL — 7/2013 to late 2015


  • Developed multiple software packages containing C libraries and Linux Kernel modules for various embedded development boards.
  • Worked with the designers of new embedded boards to identify and address any hardware or software issues.
  • Designed and constructed demonstration equipment showcasing the capabilities of new embedded development boards.
  • Created bills of materials for Raspberry Pi projects that were to be featured on the element14 community.
  • Developed Python scripts to parse bills of materials and autonomously generate HTML tables.

Sound, Lighting, and Camera Operator/Technician,
Covered Bridge Studios and Tinley Park Park District

Tinley Park, IL — 2009 - Present


  • Applied my technical knowledge to assist the local park districtin the design and installation of the audio/visual systems in their new theater space.
  • Worked with the production team/cast to discuss the audio/visual needs of the particular production as well as the mitigation of any limitations of the equipment that is to be used.
  • Introduced the use of automation and developed computer software to automate various elements of the production and improve the overall audience experience.

Extracurriculular Activities

Treasurer and VP of Engineering,
Illinois Tech Robotics

in association with Illinois Institute of Technology
Chicago, IL — 2016


  • Played an integral role in the organization and execution of the major engineering effort required to take 1st place during both the IIT pumpkin launch as well as the Midwest Regional Design Competition
  • Handled the preparation of budgets and proposals to the IIT finance board
  • Oversaw the allocation of funds to projects and ensured that funding was utilized optimally
  • Consulted with project leads to determine any needs and worked to fulfill them within a timely manner

Illinois Tech Robotics

in association with Illinois Institute of Technology
Chicago, IL — 2015


  • Facilitated the resolution of several longstanding administrative and technical issues faced by the organization.
  • Assisted in the planning and logistics of the many events we are involved with.
  • Organized and participated in executive board meetings to exchange information with other members regarding our organization as a whole.

Illinois Tech Robotics

in association with Illinois Institute of Technology
Chicago, IL — 2012-2014


  • Updated and performed regular maintenance on the Arch Linux based server that was originally over a full year out of date.
  • Responded to issues in a timely manner in order to avoid any long term service interruptions.
  • Kept the site content up to date.
  • Reviewed the design and configuration of several of the PHP based web scripts used on the ITR server to ensure availability, improve user experience and increase security.
  • Proposed many new innovative ideas as well as worked to implement many of the suggestions mentioned by others.


  • I am very skilled with the usage, administration and development of the Linux operating system and associated components on a wide range of desktop, server and embedded platforms.
  • My primary focus in the area of software development is low level development in C on the Linux platform, often handling some type hardware-software interfacing.
  • My high level scripting languages of choice are Python for general usage and PHP for web applications.
  • I am proficient with the usage of Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.
  • I have a moderate amount of experience working with HTML, CSS, Javascript, Java, Visual Basic, Clojure, VHDL and Verilog as well as the MySQL database engine and Hadoop big data platform.
  • I am familiar with the usage of the Microsoft Office and OpenOffice productivity suites.

References available upon request